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He thought of the answer, playing it over and over in his head. “I see..”

Grey eyes gazed over to the window from far away. He assumed that no one thought of him as an ‘Easy to approach’ kind of guy. Because, really, no one did. Or as much as he thought at least..

"Well then, lets go tell Erwin, because the more time we take, the faster our lives will be lost. Right?" Levi turned back to the bandaged soldier for his response.

The boy nodded sharply, wincing as he did so, and trotted after the man.

As they headed for Erwin, he thought about what had happened. Everything felt so unreal, as if he was living in a storybook. There were memories of the future, but was he really from there? The notion that he replaced someone else concerned him as well. Where was the him he had replaced?

Stewing in his thoughts, he walked right into Rivaille.


Armin and nurse dresses take up a ridiculous portion of my drawins.

It’s taken about 6 months but I’ve finally coloured this.

More shitty eremin doodles

I found out you can make the line tool look like the coloured pencil brush and had a fucking field day.

Edel kept talking about tall guys, and all I could think about were ginger boys and medic Edel and remembered that Tags was supposed to be a medic too.

The height gap is both beautiful and ridiculous.

I was going to shade my Lingerie armin picture, but then I realized how long it takes to shade (just this part right here took about and hour and 45 minutes) because I don’t have a blend tool.

I feel like his left eye is too far up and left.

A drawing of Weissen Flugeln’s character in one of my snk medic outfits because I noticed her character was a combat medic.

I’m still not sure one the outer jacket colour scheme, but I’ll get it down eventually.

It’s really bad and I’m really sorry, but I hope you like it ^ ^’



Are they reading their own manga?


Why’s armin wearing a hoodie

I am not alone